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APO Group announces exclusive partnership with Getty Images for the Rugby Africa Gold Cup 2018

The partnership will bring the Rugby Africa Gold Cup competition to almost one million Getty Images customers

The more we collaborate with APO Group, the more we are able to explore creative opportunities and elevate African rugby’s exposure internationally

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 11, 2018/APO Group/ --

APO Group (www.APO-opa.com), the leading media relations’ consultancy and press release distribution service in Africa and the Middle East, today announced an exclusive strategic distribution partnership with Getty Images (www.GettyImages.com), a world leader in visual communications. The partnership will bring the Rugby Africa Gold Cup competition to almost one million Getty Images customers.

The Gold Cup is Rugby Africa’s flagship competition. It gathers the best six teams on the continent (Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco, Zimbabwe and Tunisia) and matches are played in a league format, with the final match taking place on 18th August.

The winner of the tournament will book a place at the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019, so the stakes are high.

Sports coverage is the company’s DNA so it is exciting to be partnering with APO Group and Rugby Africa to boost the exposure of this great competition,” said Lee Martin, SVP, Global Strategic Development, Getty Images. “We pride ourselves on capturing spectacular images of the world’s most important sports events, which we deliver to customers in record time, so are looking forward to supporting the fastest-growing sport in Africa and helping to bring the Africa Gold Cup to the global stage.”

The President of World Rugby’ African association, Rugby Africa, Abdelaziz Bougja, highlighted the importance of partnering with a renowned organization like Getty Images to showcase some of the brightest sporting talents on the continent.

“The Rugby Africa Gold Cup gathers the best of African players,” he said. “Each game is an unforgettable experience, not just for the teams involved, but for sports lovers everywhere. This year, thanks to our main Official Sponsor APO Group and thanks to Getty Images, we have a fantastic opportunity to show the world what African rugby is all about. The more we collaborate with APO Group, the more we are able to explore creative opportunities and elevate African rugby’s exposure internationally. The outcomes have been better than we ever expected.”

Since APO Group became the Official sponsor of Rugby Africa, the company has been working towards increasing the global exposure of rugby in Africa, developing it at grass roots level and bringing it to new audiences around the world.

APO Group Founder and CEO Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard added: “Getty Images is the world reference when it comes to high-quality visual content especially in the field of sports photography. Their support in putting a spotlight on African Rugby is invaluable. The Rugby Africa Gold Cup is a major international sports events that will propel the winners to the Rugby World Cup 2019. Through our partnership, all the most exciting moments would be shared with Getty Images customers through their global distribution network, which spans almost one million customers in 200 countries. That provides us with incredible support and unprecedented reach as we look to expand the profile of African rugby all over the world.” 

Getty Images is already displaying images from the early matches of the 2018 Africa Gold Cup: https://goo.gl/mmcD1y. 

Download the fixtures of the Rugby Africa Gold Cup: www.africa-newsroom.com/files/download/051583f2a3362a0

Key figures about rugby in Africa: www.africa-newsroom.com/files/download/c89ee5d2471f71b

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Media contact and sponsorship opportunities: rugby@apo-opa.org

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